How to make dog bows

How to make dog bows

How to make dog bows

If you read through this, you might have an idea of what I'm talking about.

I've always wanted to learn to tie dog bows, so I picked up a book called The Dog Bowyer's Handbook. As a bonus, it has a bunch of free patterns and a how-to instructional section with very helpful drawings, including this one:

Okay, the first thing I learned about tying dog bows, was that it involves tying a lot of bows...

There's another really helpful resource in the appendix of the book (and I am so happy that I grabbed that when I purchased the book, since I could have used it over and over, agn and agn). It's the American Hunter-Cher Amish Tying School. This is an e-ml message from the publisher, that I saved and refer to constantly. I'll include it here:

"I have the American Hunter-Cher Amish Tying School on disk and I always refer to it before trying to tie a bow on a dog.

"The diagrams are easy to follow and even if I don't understand something, the explanations are clear.

"The patterns included in the book are great. They are easily tied, even by a beginner, and are well written.

"For instance, here is the dog bow shown in the diagram:

"1. Take a 6-10 foot piece of heavy cotton thread.

"2. Wind two 3-foot lengths of thread around the post. You should have about 3 feet of thread that wraps around the post.

"3. Begin to wrap your thread around the post, just as you would for a regular bow.

"4. Once you've wrapped the post, cut the first length of thread just inside the wraps. (The picture shows you where to cut it.)

"5. Holding on to the second piece of thread, pull the end you just cut off the first piece of thread and cut the remning length of thread off and pull it over the first piece. (The picture shows you where to do this.)

"6. You're finished and should have about 4 inches of thread that you can trim.

"7. Cut off about a foot of thread and pull it through to tie the bow, which should be about 10 inches in length. (The picture shows you how to do this.)

"8. Wrap the second length of thread around the post and tie it in the same manner as step #6. (The picture shows you how to tie it.)

"9. Agn, you should have about 4 inches of thread, so trim it, cut it, and pull it through.

"10. The bow is complete. The picture shows you where to tie it.

"I usually tie three strands of thread in step #9. As with regular bow making, you can tie a shorter bow if you want to, but you'll want to make sure it's well-formed with a knot tied in each strand.

"The key is having about four strands to work with. Too few and your bow will be too loose, but too many strands and your bow will be too firm. I have found that four strands to be the perfect amount."

It was a pretty bow and I loved the simple but clever method of making it. I'm so happy that I finally had some time to sit down with my sewing machine and give it a try. In fact, I made this project while sewing on my first piece of felt, which can be seen in my blog and on my Etsy shop.

What are some of your favorite crafting techniques?

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It's amazing how many things can be turned into DIY projects. My friend Bethany came up with a clever method for turning a fabric swatch into a pincushion that I think is pretty darn cute. It reminded me a lot of the fabric covered pin cushions that you can buy at the store, but instead of buying a pin cushion, you are making one for yourself! You can find the tutorial here.

Bethany has also given us permission to reprint her tutorial in our craft show guide in hopes that more crafters will try this fun project for themselves!

Thanks Bethany!

For a little bit of inspiration, check out Bethany's photos of her project here.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm just in a crazy sewing mood today, it's so nice out and the weather is great! I haven't had the time to do much sewing lately, but I've been knitting and crocheting like crazy. I'm going to be taking my crochet at a craft show on Saturday, so I need to start making some stuff to sell! In fact, I think the idea of sewing and hanging out in a craft show comes pretty naturally to me. My heart just seems to be longing for a good craft show. It's all I've been thinking about for the past week. You'd think I would've been thinking about it all month, but I guess you have to put a lot of effort into those craft shows. So, why is it that I'm thinking about it now? Well, it's all of the great fabric deals you see on your favorite craft blogs, it's got me thinking. Of course, I know that I'm in love with all those cute, new Spring collections, but I can't help but wonder if they were on the cutting table for my favorite quilters and fiber crafters. My guess is that they are.

I had thought about joining some of those sites and taking some fabric off the tables. After all, it's all good and well to buy from these sites, but you can get good deals on the fabrics yourself. I love going to a quilt shop to get my fabric, but I could certnly live without it. I'd rather cut my fabric for the projects that I am making than pay for fabric I don't need. Sure, I could save money if