The farmer's dog negative reviews

The farmer's dog negative reviews

The farmer's dog negative reviews

i got my first one a month ago and i have had nothing but problems with my dog not letting anyone pet her,she also is scared of me touching her at all i also have been bitten twice she is only a year old and it is really annoying i have even had to take her to the vets and they couldn't find anything that would explain her behaviour.i would recommend not buying these because there really is nothing in the dog's world to be afraid of you would be better buying one of the more popular breeds that people would be more likely to have a problem with.

I bought this from a pet shop thinking that they were the ones recommended by the breeder. He said he had bred it for 20 years and has never had a problem. I've had it now for a year and have had 5 dogs all behave the same way. I tried to get the breeder to admit it wasn't because they were old and I'm starting to think it was.

I got this as a puppy as well as my other two and they all act the same. I can get them to let me pet them for maybe 15 seconds at most before they start snarling and then start shaking and jumping. Even then they don't want their paws touched. They are a bit older now but they still act the same and it's still a problem as they jump and snarl if anyone tries to touch them. If I pick them up they start shaking and growling and have to be put back down. They growl at people and sometimes even my own daughter.

As they get bigger they also seem to be more aggressive. The first time my daughter was scared of them they knocked her down the stairs but she didn't have any injuries as a result. If you want a dog you can cuddle but you also need to be careful as you are not getting a normal dog anymore.

I was surprised to see so many negative reviews. I have had this dog for a year now and he has a good temper and is friendly with everyone but I do think he is scared of strangers a lot of the time. He only lets people pet him when he is with one of us at the moment he was a rescue dog and I don't know what kind of previous owners had of him and what he was used to as he has been with us for a while but I have not had a problem with him. The only thing I will say is that he is the only dog I know who does not like the dog door.

I purchased my dog from a breeder and after my first dog died I found a lovely rescue dog on Facebook. The breeder had bred and trained her for show but she was a bit frightened of new people so I took her home. I am still in touch with the breeder and he was very good about the situation and I could see he was upset as well. But it hasn't been easy with her new owners as it took them ages to warm up to her. She is still timid of some people but not anymore than any other dog would be. If people don't give her a chance she will be fine in the end. They should always be able to trust the people they get their dogs from and I have no regrets.

This dog is a year old and i've had him for 7 months. We've had a great experience and he is the friendliest dog I've ever had. I would highly recommend. But some people really need to be careful who they buy their dog from! I can see it in the eyes when they touch the dog. We've had a couple of people touch him at the airport and he starts shaking and growling and he will be fine afterwards. But one time in the car going somewhere the dog was jumping and growling and a man got in the back seat. I said I was sorry the dog didn't like him and the guy said it was ok, it's just the way he is. And the man proceeded to stroke the dog all over. I was shocked. It doesn't take much to set him off. My dog is a purebred pit bull and I don't know if this breeds anything different but it didn't seem to phase him.

This is my first dog and I really liked him. But I'm very picky about what I get for a pet and after reading the other reviews I am glad I picked this dog over the others. It seems that he is more timid and scared of new people and he is not as playful as my other dogs. If you are interested in buying a purebred pit bull I would recommend finding a good breeder and a good rescue as there are a lot of good dogs out there but sometimes they have had a bad start in life.

I bought my dog from a breeder who I've done business with for years and I've been lucky enough to breed and sell his offspring. We are a registered breeder and he has the title to prove it. I have had this dog now for nearly two years and he is a great dog but has been through so much in his young life and that has effected him. He has always been shy around new people and at first when we got him we were worried. But as he's grown and been with us for so long he's come around. I never had the issue with him being afraid or showing aggression with people until about 4 months ago. I'm talking about people touching him and then having him growl. I tried putting him in the backyard with some friends to show them what he is like and I'm happy to say he did great! They were able to walk

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